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Load data into Google Spreadsheet from PHP

Lets say you have a PHP script that returns a value, based on a query string: Getting the result of that PHP script into Google Sheets is rather easy. Open Tools > Script Editor in Google Sheets and create a function like this: function getMyQueryValue(value) { var response = UrlFetchApp.fetch(“” + value); Logger.log(response.getContentText()); return JSON.parse(response); […]

100 free Modal Popup designs for WordPress

Exciting news!! The Envato Elements WordPress plugin now includes 100 completely free modal popup templates.  A preview of all the popups is available below. To get access to these popup designs (along with many more free Elementor page templates) please install the Envato Elements plugin from  While you’re waiting be sure to check out the full […]

Get the WordPress Custom CSS using PHP

WordPress Custom CSS (from the Customizer panel) is stored in a Custom Post Type in the wp_posts database table. A reference to the Post ID is stored in the current themes “theme_mod” option value. There’s a nice helper function called wp_get_custom_css_post to do this lookup and return the Post object: $custom_css_post = wp_get_custom_css_post(); $custom_css = $custom_css_post […]

Hosted PHP CRM

We have just launched UCM Hosted! A good portion of our Ultimate Client Manager customers were requesting a hosted service / SaaS version of this item. Well here it is! Head over to to get started with a 1 week free trial. Enjoy.

New Market Place Experiment – Creative Market – Selling Photoshop files

We have recently branched out into a new market place called Creative Market to sell our Photoshop graphics. We are looking forward to exploring the potential of this new market and will report back with our experiences soon.  In the mean time check out our brand new files up for sale now. We are selling […]

2017 Watercolor WordPress Themes

Below are some of my favourite watercolour WordPress themes from 2017 so far.  These are WordPress themes that are available for download/purchase. The use of custom watercolor artwork in websites is really popular right now; it creates a strong website identity without relying on professional photography to carry the design. The watercolor style themes are […]

The Watercolor HTML + PHP Bundle

Our best Themes have now been made into HTML Website Templates! They all feature a blog layout, shop layout and inside page designs. Our HTML Templates are artistic, clean and modern design featuring hand painted watercolor artwork. These designs would suit a home business, interior design, shop products like photography, wall prints, stationary and home […]

Stop automatic WordPress plugin search as you type

This bad bit of JavaScript will stop the auto-search-as-you-type feature on the WordPress Plugins > Add New screen: var e = jQuery._data( jQuery(‘.wp-filter-search’)[0] , “events” ); delete(e.keyup); e.input2 = e.input; delete(e.input); jQuery(‘.wp-filter-search’).keypress(function(e) { if(e.which == 13) { jQuery(this).trigger(‘input2’); } }); edit: Hey cool @srikat made a plugin out of it :)