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How to run PhantomJS from PHP

I was adding PhantomJS into an existing PHP script and running passthru(‘phantomjs …..’); just wasn’t working. A few tips: If you’re running the script locally, add export DISPLAY=:0 to the PHP passthru() If you’re running the script on a remote host make sure someting like Xvfb is installed, then run nohup Xvfb :40 -ac -screen 0 1600x4000x24 & […]

Just passed 6000 installations on Hosted-Demo!

Five months ago I created as a way to allow my customers backend access to WordPress themes before purchase. This tool gave customers a temporary 1 hour website to test all the features of the theme and confirm it will suit their needs before buying. To view an example of our live theme demo pages please go here: […]

jQuery Timepicker with unix epoch

The jQuery UI Timepicker is pretty cool. Adds a nice little time selector under the existing jQuery Date Picker calendar. I needed to read/write timestamps from fields like this: <input type=”text” name=”something” class=”date_time” value=”1477569840″> So I came up with this simple solution: $(‘.date_time’).each(function(){ // create a new hidden field for our epoch time storage. // copy […]