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Facebook Footer – Non-Trimmed ?

The Facebooks footer: Facebook © 2008 is made up of the following parts: <div class=”copyright”> <span title=”Non-Trimmed”>Facebook </span> <span title=”75″>&copy;</span> <span title=”″>20</span> <span title=”19269744″>08</span> </div> Hover your mouse over the Facebook footer in a browser to see the title text appear. What do these numbers mean I wonder… the IP Address – the backend server […]

NetRegistry Hosting – Only Zeus or IIS!

It looks like NetRegistry only has Zeus and IIS hosting accounts. So any apache thingeys like mod_rewrite wont work. (Zeus has it’s own mod_rewrite sorta thing, which may or may not be compatible with your php scripts) Also you will need to set you own custom PHP temporary session directory to get PHP sessions working […]