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How to setup simple Google Maps on your website

Here’s a quick howto on setting up Google Maps on your website. Ideal for “Contact Us” pages. Go to to get an API key for your website. An API key is a really long string of random characters. You will get something that looks like this: <script src=”;v=2&amp;key=YOUR_API_KEY_HERE” type=”text/javascript”></script> Put this <script> tag on […]

Facebook Footer – Non-Trimmed ?

The Facebooks footer: Facebook © 2008 is made up of the following parts: <div class=”copyright”> <span title=”Non-Trimmed”>Facebook </span> <span title=”75″>&copy;</span> <span title=”″>20</span> <span title=”19269744″>08</span> </div> Hover your mouse over the Facebook footer in a browser to see the title text appear. What do these numbers mean I wonder… the IP Address – the backend server […]