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Professional WordPress Theme and PHP Security Reviews.
Security Audit

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Would you like to receive a security audit for your WordPress theme?
We are currently taking on a limited number of free security code reviews per month. 

Security Audit

What we Check

  • Complies with WordPress Coding Standards
  • Clean, Readable and Documented Code
  • Correctly checking secure nonce values
  • Correctly checking user permissions
  • Correctly escaped user input preventing XSS
  • Bundled theme plugins comply as well

Secure WordPress Themes

The below themes have passed an independent code security review.

X Theme

All theme code and bundled plugins
passed security audit.


All theme code and bundled plugins
passed security audit.


All theme code and bundled plugins
passed security audit.

Why Get a Security Review?

  • A high number of commercial themes have security bugs in them, often unknown to the theme author.
  • These security bugs could allow attackers to deface a website, gain unauthorized access or spread spam and malware.
  • It is possible for a theme to pass automated coding checks yet still contain insecure code.
  • Commercial theme reviewers can often miss security holes because they can be hard to locate.
  • It is better to find and fix these issues before an attacker does.
  • We have reported many security issues in the top selling commercial Themes and Plugins over the past two years.
  • We have worked closely with theme and plugin authors to responsibly disclose security issues and offer coding assistance where needed.

Buyers, ensure a theme is secure before purchase

Look for a "security audit" banner like the one below