Android Galaxy S3 connected to an Arduino Leostick

Quick post, will push full code and instructions when completed.

  1. Create a USB on the go cable (or just buy one if you don’t have spare cables to cut up) 
  2. Connect it to an Android device (3.1 or above with USB host mode support)
  3. Plug in an Arduino (or a leostick)
  4. Arduino should power up

Next step

  1. Create an Android Serial Logger application (working on that here: )
  2. Create an Arduino application that outputs data via serial
  3. Connect them together
  4. Read and process the log file later on


Wait… You can connect an Android?

Is it just TTY0 (or what’s available)?

So, basically, I could run the IDE?

Stupid iPhone: I’m getting a galaxy note 3


In this project the Android application will just read the serial output from the Arduino.

However anything could be possible, yes even running some sort or Arduino IDE and pushing new code to the Arduino. However I have no idea how to do that and will not be attempting it 🙂 I’ll be programming the Arduino from my computer like normal 🙂


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