Sales Funnel

Sales Funnel WordPress plugin allows you to easily place a visitor into a “Segment” and customise the website experience for that segment.


Self hosted WordPress updates

A WordPress plugin to manage your own self-hosted updates. Collect detailed statistics on number of installations, who’s using your plugin, and even integrate with Envato API to verify purchase before allowing an update.

Envato, WordPress

Envato Studio WordPress plugin

This WordPress plugin was a quick way to show available Envato Studio services using a shortcode. This can be used with the affiliate system to pass users through to services and gain a commission.

Envato, WordPress

Support Hub

Integrate with Facebook, Email, Twitter, Envato Item Comments and display an “Inbox” overview allowing you to reply to all of these from a single point. Schedule blog posts, tweets and fb posts. Link customers between services so you can see if they’ve already had their question answered via Twitter or something

Email, Envato, Facebook, Twitter, WordPress

WordPress to Static HTML

Nice script that scrapes a WordPress website into static HTML. Removes all traces of WordPress (link paths like wp-content) and even handles some javascript loaded ajax content (e.g. masonry ajax call to display blog posts) and turns it static. Takes screenshots of resulting page and generates gallery.

HTML, PHP, WordPress

WordPress Theme Setup Wizard Wizard to setup a WordPress theme, install demo content, plugins, etc..

Envato, WordPress

Envato Affiliate Plugin

Basic WordPress plugin that gets the users Envato Token and allows them to display related content on their blog with shortcode/php.

API, Envato, WordPress

WordPress Image Watermark

A WordPress plugin that would automatically apply watermarks to WooCommerce product images.

WooCommerce, WordPress

Australia Post Shipping Calc

Calculate Australia Post rates from the AusPost API and display then within WooCommerce.

WooCommerce, WordPress