A quick client side JavaScript search tool to find the perfect theme/plugin on the Envato market. The biggest advantage is if you hide an item from results (because it’s not suitable) it won’t show up again. A good way to narrow down item searches until you find the perfect one.

API, Envato, JavaScript

Raspberry Pi Robot + VR Goggles

Raspberry Pi running a web server on a robot. Pi controls 3-axis servo with Pi camera on the front. Web app running on Pi is loaded on a mobile phone and placed into Google Cardboard headset. Headset can be moved around and the camera will move with it while you drive the robot with a […]

HTML, JavaScript, Raspberry Pi, VR


Android and iPhone app built in PhoneGap. Hooked up with Google and FourSquare API to generate a personalised “walk” for that user to do around the local area. Walk would display on map and they could follow it point to point.

Android, FourSquare, Google Maps, iPhone, JavaScript, PhoneGap

Login Status Personalisation

Basic bit of JavaScript that would make use of certain oauth login flows to find out if a user was logged into a certain service or not. It would use an image request through the oauth flow and a JavaScript onload callback. Largely ineffective these days with how cookies are handled in chrome though.



WordPress plugin that syncronised your Facebook and Instagram albums with WordPress media library. Extended media library with new tabs for FB/Insta. Epic

Facebook, Instagram, JavaScript, WordPress