Available here: http://codecanyon.net/item/send-to-friend-form/89494


[raw]Demo: Send This Page To Friend [/raw]


How to install:

  1. Unzip the file you downloaded from CodeCanyon
  2. Upload the “send_to_friend/” folder to your website (eg: yourwebsite.com/send_to_friend/)
  3. Add this script tag to your website:
    <script language="javascript" 
  4. Create a link on your website like this:
    <a href="/send_to_friend/popup.php" class="sendtofriend" title="Send to Friend">Send Page To Friend</a>
  5. Done!(replace yourwebsite.com with your actual website above)

How to customise:


  • Open send_to_friend/popup.php in Wordpad or your favourite PHP editor (eg: Dreamweaver Code View)
  • Look at the top for these configuration options:
    $email_address = 'example@example.com'; // enter your email address here. 
    $website_name = 'My Website Name'; // enter your website name here.
    $allow_images = true; // allows the user to select images
    $allow_comment = true; // allow a custom comment from the user.
    $send_bcc = false; // change this to true if you would like to receive a BCC of every email that gets sent.
    $email_subject = 'Your friend sent you a page';
    $restrict_domain = true; // only allow pages from your website to be sent
    $popup_width = 810; // how wide the popup will appear on the page
    $popup_height = 550; // how tall the popup will appear on the page
  • Open the file send_to_friend/sendfiles/email.html in Wordpad or your favourite HTML editor (eg: Dreamweaver)
    This is the email that will get sent to visitors friends. You can style this email to match your website.
  • You can open popup.php and change the HTML and CSS code if you want a new layout.
  • You can edit the provided sliced Photoshop document and re-export the graphics if you wish to change any layouts.
  • You can pass these custom parameters to the popup.php file, if you want to integrate this into your website programming:
    • /popup.php?url=somewebsite.com/somepage.html
    • /popup.php?title=Overwrite+Default+Page+Title+Here
    • /popup.php?description=Overwrite+Default+Page+Descriptoin+Here
    • /popup.php?images=/images/a1.jpg|/images/a2.jpg|/images/a3.jpg
    • or all together:

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