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Moving servers / migrating UCM

Here are some steps to move servers or migrate UCM to a new hosting account (edit: check the alternate possibly faster method below)

  1. Login to existing UCM and go to Settings > General
  2. Change the URL settings to match the new URL where you are going to move UCM to
  3. Close the browser (it will probably redirect to a 404 after saving anyway)
  4. Backup current MySQL database (through phpMyAdmin - hosting provider can assist with this)
  5. Backup current UCM folder (eg: download through FTP)
  6. Create new MySQL database on new host, import old MySQL database
  7. Upload old UCM files to new host
  8. Edit the file includes/config.php on the new host to contain the new database details (they can sometimes change between hosts).
  9. Remove (or rename from /admin/ to /oldadmin/ ) the old UCM installation.
  10. Visit the URL of the new host and check automatic updates are working (settings > upgrade)
Note: if the above process doesn't work (eg: you get lots of permission errors during an upgrade) or if you would like to try a faster method than downloading all the old UCM files then please try this:
  1. Rename (eg: from /admin/ to /oldadmin/ ) the old UCM installation.
  2. Install a fresh copy of UCM on new hosting account.
  3. Import old MySQL database over the top of new MySQL database (hosting provider can assist with this).
  4. If you have uploaded files into the old UCM installation these need to be moved over MANUALLY from the old host to the new host. These are located in the includes/plugin_file/uploads/ folder. Simply download a copy of the files and upload to the new host.