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What is the standard support ticket workflow

1) Install UCM Pro
2) Create a new EMPTY email account (eg: support@yourwebsite.com) - do NOT check this email from outlook or similar. This email should ONLY be used for UCM support ticket.
3) Send a test email to this new email account (send it from gmail/hotmail or something)
4) Go to UCM Settings > Tickets > POP3/IMAP Accounts > Add New Account
5) Input the details of your new email account here. Please set Delete Mail After Import to YES.
6) Click Save & Test Search, it should work and display your test email that was sent in step 3.
7) Confirm the CRON job is setup (dashboard will show a warning if CRON job isn't working)
8) Wait for the CRON job to run, when it runs you should see your test email appear within the "Tickets" section of UCM
9) Go to Settings > Tickets > Ticket Settings and look for "Send notifications of new tickets to this address". Set this email to your own personal email account, do not set it to the same support@yourwebsite.com email as POP3/IMAP account, this will not work! When a support ticket is created in the system an email will be sent here letting you know a support ticket is in.

Replying to a ticket.
1) Login as admin and click on the ticket within UCM - this will let you reply to that ticket from UCM
2) Replying to the email from your admin alert account (step 9 above) will send your reply back to UCM and then onto the customer.
3) The customer will receive an automatic email once their ticket is submitted. They can reply to this email and their reply will appear within UCM as well.
4) The customer will receive an automatic email once their ticket is submitted. They can click the link in that email to view the ticket history and reply to the support ticket from their web browser.

Tickets and support staff:
1) Make sure the support staff "User Role" has "Ticket Access" selected as "Only Assigned Tickets"
2) Support staff can login and will only see support tickets that have been assigned to them.

TIckets and customers:
1) If a customer is able to login to UCM, please make sure the customer "User Role" permissions have "Ticket Access" selected as "Only Tickets from my Customer Account".