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How to bill for recurring items (eg: Hosting/Domain Names)

Here is an example of how to bill for hosting or domain names.

There are 3 ways to bill for recurring items. The first way is recommended (easiest).

#1: Automatic Subscriptions

  1. Create a Subscription (See Settings > Subscriptions) called "Website Hosting 12 Months".
  2. Give the Subscription a price (eg: $100) and make sure the "Automatic Renew" options are selected.
  3. Create a Customer.
  4. Create a Website for that Customer.
  5. Assign the Subscription to the Website (not the Customer) and pick a start date.
  6. UCM will send automatic invoices for that subscription from the start date (and follow up with automatic overdue notices if needed).
  7. Going to Settings > Subscriptions will show a list of everyone who is assigned to a particular subscription, when the next due date is and how much is outstanding.

#2: Recurring Jobs

  1. Create a Customer
  2. Create a Job called "Website Hosting 12 Months"
  3. Add a task to the Job called "Website Hosting 12 Months" - set the hours to "0" and the amount to "$100" (or whatever you change per year)
  4. Save the job.
  5. Set the Job "start date" to the date the hosting starts (eg: 1/1/2013)
  6. Set the Job "renewal date" (bottom left) to the date 12 months from now (eg: 1/1/2014) and select the "automatic renew" options.
  7. (optional) Assign the Job/Task to a staff member who is in charge of setting up the hosting account.
  8. Tick the Task off as completed and (optional) log how many hours it took to setup the hosting account (for your own records)
  9. Click generate invoice button
  10. The invoice will automatically receive the date description: "Website Hosting 12 Months - 1/1/2013 to 31/12/2013"
  11. Email hosting invoice to customer
  12. (optional: if you didn't selected the automatic renew options above) When 12 months comes around again there will be an alert on the dashboard to renew the Job, click the renew button and repeat steps 8 to 11.

#3: Recurring Manual Invoices

  1. Create a Customer
  2. Create a manual Invoice for that Customer
  3. Add some items to the Invoice (eg: Domain Name Renewal Bill - $60)
  4. Save the Invoice
  5. Pick an Invoice Renewal Date (see bottom left in advanced area) and tick the "automatic renew" options.
  6. The invoice will be renewed and emailed on those renewal dates, and a follow up overdue email will be sent if configured.