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Unable to install

If you get red error messages or errors saying unable to install particular files this means there is a hosting permission issue during the automated installer. There are three options available:

Option #1
We can resolve this for you and install the item if you can send through some FTP details for the UCM folder. Please also include your website address and the MySQL details for UCM so we can do the full installation for you.

Option #2 is please try the "single file" installer available here:
Unzip this file and look for "install.php"
Create a folder using FTP on your website (eg: yourwebsite.com/clients/)
Right click this folder and choose permissions, tick all the "write" options and save.
Upload the install.php file to yourwebsite.com/clients/install.php
Visit the install file in a browser yourwebsite.com/clients/install.php and follow the prompts.

Option #3:
Please see if the hosting provider can assist by sending them this message:
"Hello, I have a PHP script which needs WRITE permissions on all files/folders in order for it to create and update things. I am trying to install this script here: yourwebsite.com/clients/ Could you please set the permissions correctly on all these files/folders so that PHP has write access to them? Thanks!"

--- Advanced ---
If the automated single file installer is not reporting any error message in the middle of the screen then please try opening install.php and going to about line 250 where you see this code:
change it to this code:
Save and run this install file to see if swapping to HTTP/1.0 works.