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Customise the ticket submission form

Yes there may be a way to add your own custom fields. I would recommend trying to use the current "BETA" custom field feature to get it as close as you need. Once that is done please go to the "embed ticket" page on your website ( example http://email-ticket-support-plugin.wordpress.dtbaker.net/embed-ticket-support-shortcode-demo/ ) and view the page source. Here you can copy the raw HTML code for the ticket submission form.

Once you have that HTML code you can paste that HTML code onto a page of your website. Once on a separate page you can modify the HTML code to suit your layout needs. As long as all the input element name="xyz" are left the same then the form will submit. (eg: You could change the "extra" field generated by the system to a radio box by changing this to this

This is the only way to achieve fine tuning of the ticket submission form.

Best of luck!