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Move a Contact to another Customer

There is no button for this, but this is possible.

1) Go to the Customer and open up the Contact you wish to move.
2) Make sure this Contact is not the primary contact (untick the box and save)
3) Look in the URL for the user id, it will have something like user_id=1234
4) Now go to the new Customer account you wish to move this Contact to. The main customer page showing all the customer details.
5) Now change the URL a bit:
The URL should end in something like this ....customer_id=555
Add the user ID from step 3 to the URL so it's like this: ....customer_id=555&move_user_id=1234
(ie: add the "&move_user_id=1234" bit)
6) The page will reload and the contact to move will appear on the page.
7) SAVE the customer page now
8) The contact will now be moved across. It will go into the primary contact position for now. So you can go back in and set the old primary contact back if needed. We'll work on this feature more later.