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What is the standard workflow (eg: Creating Jobs, Invoices, Projects, Customers)

1) Create a customer
2) Create additional contacts for the customer (optional)
3) Create a Website for the customer, fill in FTP details or other website details
4) Create a Job for the website, pick a job type, choose an hourly rate, etc..
5) Create some Tasks under the Job, choose how long the tasks will take, assign different tasks to staff members, etc..
6) Email the Job to the customer for approval (eg: as a quote) (optional)
7) Once tasks are completed, click on a task and mark it as completed. If a 4 hour task is half complete, click on it and log 2 hours against that task, the Job list will then show that task as 50% completed. The customer can see progress is getting made on the Job.
8) Once all tasks (or some) are completed you can generate an invoice, click the button at the bottom of the Job page.
9) Save the invoice, email the invoice to the customer.
10) Once invoice is paid, open the invoice and record the payment at the bottom, invoice status will change to paid.
11) Send the paid invoice back to the customer as a receipt (optional)