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How do I setup a customer login

Go to Settings > User Roles
Create a new Role called "Customer"
Tick the permissions you want this customer to have, eg:
- Customer: view
- Job: view
- Job Tasks: view
- Invoice: view
- Files: view + edit
- Ticket: view + create
- Customer Data Access: Only Customers I am assigned to as a contact
- Job Data Access: Only jobs from customers I have access to
- Ticket Access: Only tickets from my customer account
- Can user login: yes
- plus any others you want customer to be able to access.
Save the User Role.

Go to a Customer > Contacts.
Create a new contact or open an existing contact
Enter a password for this contact.
Choose the User Role from the drop down box.
Save the Contact.
The customer can now login using that contact email address and the specified password.