Using WP-reCAPTCHA plugin in your own wordpress plugin

Here are details on the existing plugin: 

When enabled, this ads a recaptcha box on all comment fields. If you have a plugin that requires anti spam checking, why not use this existing plugin.

So here is a quick howto on checking if the wp-recaptcha plugin is installed, and if it is, using it in your own custom wordpress plugin.


Generally the plugin will be submitting data in a form, so we have to add the re-captcha code within the plugin form like so:

<form action="" method="post">
.... existing form data here ....  
// display the re-captcha box if re-captcha is installed:

now in the code that handles this form submit, we have to check if the re-captcha result was correct, something like this:

// if recaptcha exists and there are no current errors: 
if(function_exists('check_recaptcha_new') && !$errors->get_error_codes()){
$errors = check_recaptcha_new($errors);
// an error occurred with the re-captcha or somewhere else in the plugin
echo implode($errors->get_error_messages(),'<br/>');  
// re-captcha worked and there were no other errors.
// do stuff...

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