Ubuntu – Ethernet controller: Attansic Technology corp. Device 1063 (rev c0)

When you type lcpci you get this network device:

Ethernet controller: Attansic Technology corp. Device 1063 (rev c0)

Ubuntu doesn’t seem to recognise this onboard card by default. This network card is on the Gigabyte G31M-ES2L along with many other motherboards.

Steps to getting it working are really easy.

  1. First download this file: AR81Family-linux-v1.0.0.10.tar.gz from here: http://partner.atheros.com/Drivers.aspx
  2. You may need to put it on a USB drive and transfer it to your ubuntu box, or wack a second network card in your ubuntu box to grab it. Up to you. 
  3. Put it in your home directory
  4. Open up a terminal and unpack the archive like this: 
    tar zxvf AR81Family-linux-v1.0.0.10.tar.gz

    (ignore any errors)

  5. Change into the src directory:
    cd src/
  6. Make sure you have all the required tools:
    sudo apt-get install linux-headers-generic build-essential make
  7. Run the make command to build the network card driver:
    sudo make install
  8. The driver file will be placed in the correct /lib/modules location
  9. Install the driver:
    sudo modprobe atl1e
  10. Check if it works, you should see a new eth1 or something in the output from:
    ifconfig -a
  11. Check if you can get an ip address:
    sudo dhclient eth1
  12. Add that module to the /etc/modules file so it will load on boot
    sudo echo atl1e >> /etc/modules
  13. Reboot and you should be set.


Let me know if this worked for you as well.

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