Trying to get Google Wallet working on unrooted Galaxy S3

So you can grab a copy of the latest wallet apk (using that nifty chrome extension) and save it to your computer.

Then using apktool you can decoded the APK to get a look at some of the source code:

apktool d wallet-code

Then you can jump into this file:


and located the regex used by wallet to determine if this device is supported, which is here:

const-string v1, "<<Sprint><310120><sojus><Nexus S 4G><.*>><<.*><(310|311).+><mysid|yakju><.*><.*,.*)?>><<.*><.*><m3s_sprint_us><.*><.*>><<.*><.*><m3s_virgin_us><.*><.*>><<.*><.*><cayman_sprint_us><.*><.*>><<.*><.*><goghspr><.*><.*>><<.*><.*><d2spr><.*><.*>><<.*><.*><mantaray><.*><.*>><<.*><(310|311).+><occam><.*><.*>><<.*><.*><infiniteusc><.*><.*>><<.*><.*><d2mtr><.*><.*>><<.*><.*><d2usc><.*><.*>><<.*><.*><nakasi><.*><.*>><<.*><(310|311).+><jewel><.*><.*>><<.*><.*><mysidspr><.*><.*>><<.*><(310|311).+><mictacea><.*><.*>><<.*><(310|311).+><takju><.*><.*>><<.*><(310|311).+><nakasig><.*><.*>><<.*><.*><goghvmu><.*><.*>>"

you could replace it with something like this:

const-string v1, "<<.*><.*><.*><.*><.*>>"

then save the file and rebuild the apk again:

apktool b wallet-code/

and then sign the apk:

java -jar /path/to/signapk.jar /path/to/testkey.x509.pem /path/to/testkey.pk8

then push it to your phone via usb adb

 adb install

of course, it didn’t work, but was worth a try 🙂 got this error:
“Insufficient secure element privileges for this system image (release-keys)”

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