Simple Customer CRM – PHP Client Database


This feature packed system lets you easily keep all your customer and project details in one place. You can keep website information (ftp details, renewal dates), project information (due dates, requirements), support requests (help! my email is broken!) and a PayPal payment history all in one place.

Ultimate Client Manager has just received a massive update! It now has hundreds of new awesome features.

Download available through CodeCanyon

Update: New CRM Theme Now Available! Check this out…

Client Manager Features:

  • Store customer information in an easy to use interface
  • Store website details (FTP, hosting renewals, etc..)
  • Receive and reply to support requests from customers
  • Allow customers to log in and see their information and payment history
  • Track payments easily with PayPal
  • Store unlimited custom information fields
  • Search customer information
  • Alerts and Reminder notifications for domain renewal / hosting renewals / phone calls.. etc…
  • A basic ticketing and support system
  • A cleaner user interface
  • Ability to customise the date format
  • An easy to use first time setup script
  • And here are some links to the new features you can try out:
  • Income Report – (beta) View how many invoices you have sent, and how many have been paid.
  • File uploading – with wicked image tags! label parts of the image for the user to look at.
  • Split bills – Split payments into multiple invoices (eg: small Deposit invoice, followed by remaining amount)
  • Email Invoices – Optionally send invoices through the ticketing system for better tracking
  • Payment Tracking – Keep a history of payment amounts, dates, methods (cash, cheque, paypal, etc..)
  • Multiple Currencies – Use $ or £ or any currency you want
  • Accept payments through Google Checkout and PayPal
  • Admin user hierarchy to allow only certain admins to see certain information
  • Funky new relationship management, link a website to multiple customers, etc…


This system runs on your own hosting server, this can be an in-house server or just on your own website (like I have it).

  • PHP 5
  • MySQL database
  • Lots of client information that you would love to keep in one place
  • A web server (preferably Linux Apache, it will probably NOT work on a Windows hosting account)
  • A public facing website (eg: if you want to use PayPal

Live Demo:

To access the live demo please click here

This demo re-sets itself with clean information every so often, so feel free to create customers, websites, projects, payments, and support tickets.

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