Setting up XEN

Install debian on physical server using cd.

find and install xen compatible kernel:

# apt-cache search kernel|grep xen

reboot into xen kernel

install xen tools

# apt-get install xen-tools

follow this tutorial

when bootstrapping a debian box if you chroot and base-config returns Terminated

sh-2.05b# mount -t proc proc /proc
sh-2.05b# cd /dev
sh-2.05b# ./MAKEDEV generic
sh-2.05b# mount -t devpts -o gid=5,mode=620 none /dev/pts
sh-2.05b# base-config

should work now

also followed this tute:

# virt-install -n vm04.img -r 400 -f /home/xen/domains/vm04.img -s 2 --nonsparse 
-w bridge:xenbr0 --os-type=linux -p -l --nographics

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