Setting up Raid 1 on Linux

Here’s the process for when I forget next time:

new linux partitions to be used in the software raid array, use mdadm
to set them up, wait for them to sync, then create the filesystem on
the new md0

# fdisk /dev/hdX 
# mdadm --create --verbose /dev/md0 --level=1 --raid-devices=2 /dev/hdX1 /dev/hdY1
# watch cat /proc/mdstat (takes 30 mins for 80GB)
# add ARRAY /dev/md0 devices=/dev/hdc1,/dev/hdd1 to /etc/mdadm/mdadm.conf
# reboot
# mkfs.ext3 /dev/md0

/dev/md0 is now ready to be used 🙂

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