Plesk shows Default Page after making a new site [solved]

After you make a new site in plesk, it will sometimes show you the “Default Plesk Server Page”.

Even after you upload files to the site, and delete any plesk index files, it will still show the default page.

This is not a big problem, it simply means your apache server has not re-read the new configuration files that contain your new website.

To fix this you can either wait half an hour or so, and apache should re-read the configuration files. or if you are in a hurry, you need to reload apache. This can be done through the plesk control panel however I prefer to do this directly on the server using ssh:

# /etc/init.d/apache2 reload

* Reloading web server config apache2 [OK]

This will work on any debian or ubuntu server. For red hat or windows plesk servers please google for how to reload apache server configuration.

If this still doesn’t work, make sure the default plesk files are not in the httpdocs/ directory. If this still doesn’t work then you will need to “restart” apache (ie: stop it completely and start it again).

If this still doesn’t work then your dns settings are most likely wrong.

You can see an example of a server default page by going here: (ie: the ip address of this website, but when visited with no domain name it doesn’t know which files to load, so shows the default page).



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