PHP Newsletter System

Easy to use PHP Newsletter System. Host it on your own server, no ongoing costs! Design your own templates, track open rates, run automatic email campaigns and much MUCH more!


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Version 1.7 Release! Heaps of new features!

  • BIG FEATURE : Newsletter campaign (ie: schedule a series of newsletters to be sent)
  • Progress made on bounce tracking feature
  • Upgraded phpMailer and a few other tweaks to support PHP5 better
  • Automatic “update available” notification so you don’t miss out on future features
  • Few general cleanups (ie: better summary of newsletter statistics on home page)
  • Instructions on how to use ThemeForest Newsletter templates with this system
  • Option to allow users to subscribe to campaigns from embedded form
  • Easily resume a previously paused newsletter send
  • CRON feature to process newsletter campaigns
  • Store multiple custom fields against a user (eg: Address, Business
    name, Interests) – this will pave the way for a future feature allowing
    you to select members based on (eg:) interests and send a newsletter to
    them. Instead of just sending by groups.
  • Better support for those people with 10,000 members in their system.
  • Swapping between templates will prompt you to re-load the inside newsletters template contents now

Features v1.6

  • Schedule a newsletter to be sent at a later date
  • Deleting groups
  • Place a limit on the number of emails it will send per day, per hour and/or per month
  • Embed images in outbound emails
  • CRON feature to process incomplete or scheduled newsletters
  • Summary of scheduled newsletters on home page
  • Export members/subscribers to CSV file

Features v1.5:

  • Beta UTF -8 support (please send me examples of problems)
  • Fix for people running with magic quotes turned on
  • double opt-in confirm link in email
  • automatic “view this newsletter online” link at top of outbound emails
  • a “which links were clicked” overlay
  • updated screenshots coming soon

Features v1.4:

  • ability to edit members who are already subscribed
  • assign already subscribed members to new groups
  • A-Z buttons for quick members searching (surprisingly tricky when you throw in pagination, searching and csv export)
  • improved pagination for large member sets
  • new settings page
  • redirect users to your own custom URL when they subscribe / unsubscribe
  • optionally notify you via email whenever someone subscribes
  • control email “burst” rate, increasing will send newsletters out
    faster, but put more load on the server. don’t increase this too much
    on shared hosting accounts, you may get in trouble.
  • Quick pretty string highlighting in member search results

Features v1.3:

  • fix for people running on magic_quotes php setup’s
  • fix for adding subscribers who are not part of any group
  • csv import
  • csv export
  • deleting past newsletters
  • pagination of member list
  • search members list
  • new css (thanks thelangeroom!)

Features v1.0:

  • Create e-newsletters from templates
  • Control the sender email address
  • Add your own templates to re-use over and over again
  • Two demo newsletter templates which you can use or create your own one from
  • Embed a “subscribe” form on any website
  • Automatic unsubscribe link in every email
  • Preview the newsletter in your browser before sending it
  • WYSIWYG newsletter editor
  • Upload pictures into your e-newsletters
  • Send yourself a preview newsletter email before sending out to everybody
  • Automatically convert links and images into trackable items, so you can see how many people open your newsletters
  • See a live counter as the emails are getting sent out
  • Pause a send as it’s going (if you realised you made a mistake)
  • Initial setup wizard to help you get up and running
  • Re-send old newsletters to new members who haven’t received them yet
  • Unsubscribe members manually through the admin interface
  • Add members to the database manually through admin
  • Customise the “subscribe” and “unsubscribe” pages
  • Uses the popular PHPMailer to send out emails via SMTP
  • You can go in and edit the HTML template using Dreamweaver before
    sending it out (incase you want to do anything tricky that the wysiwyg
    editor doesn’t allow)

Upgrading instructions are located in the README file.


  • Linux hosting account (have not tested Windows yet)
  • PHP Version 5
  • MySQL database
  • Know your SMTP outgoing server settings (and check with your
    hosting provider if they will work, some hosting providers like Godaddy
    have different smtp settings for scripts)
  • Know how to set folder permissions using FTP software or similar

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