Diagonal & Slanted Lines Inspiration for Web Design.   Our theme Pastel was lucky enough to be featured in a blog post by Envato listing the best examples of website[…]

I was adding PhantomJS into an existing PHP script and running passthru(‘phantomjs …..’); just wasn’t working. A few tips: If you’re running the script locally, add export DISPLAY=:0 to the PHP passthru() If[…]

Five months ago I created as a way to allow my customers backend access to WordPress themes before purchase. This tool gave customers a temporary 1 hour website to test all the[…]

StylePress is about to graduate from the dtbaker labs. StylePress is a free Full Site builder plugin for Elementor. Create wonderful full site layouts using Elementor, and easily apply them to[…]

The Slack UI has changed and a lot of old documentation still asks people to create API tokens from But legacy tokens (not oauth) have moved over to:

I started a Slack group for Elementor Developers after noticing quite an active Facebook Group. I’ll be publishing some plugins and development ideas there. Welcome to join below: Elementor Slack Invites:


Today we have a new Photoshop Template up for sale: Lovely is a soft pink and floral template featuring a long design, circle photos and banner flags buttons, with large[…]

Here is an example of generating multiple WP_Widget instances from an array. This is available from WP 4.6.0 when it became possible to pass an instance of WP_Widget into register_widget(); Here is[…]