Elementor Page Builder

Live Page Builder For WordPress

Elementor is fast becoming a popular page builder for designers.  And not just because it’s free!

“With 653,011 Downloads, the word is out that Elementor is your best choice of page builder.” – elementor.com

As a designer who spends more time in Photoshop than coding I’ll talk about why I think Elementor is great.  First I love how visual Elementor is.  You edit in real time, no swapping screens and there’s even a quick preview (ctrl + P)  inside the editor, you don’t need to reload the browser to see your padding rendered.

I can build what I have designed in Photoshop without touching any CSS code. The font & padding controls are detailed enough to enable me to build my layouts. The columns are so easy and using the FontAwesome icons I can make some pretty quick lists; and before to long your content is done.

There is a library of widgets ready to help you build your site, there are more being added all the time; from columns, images and buttons to photo galleries, counters and testimonial widgets.

Elementor PRO brings even more to the package; advanced WooCommerce intergration, pricing tables, portfolios flip boxes and forms. It’s worth the upgrade, trust me.

“HTML took ages, WordPress took days, Elementor takes hours. Deliver complete websites to clients faster than ever.” – elementor.com

Speaking of clients, this is the big one… your clients need to be able to do more than simple text changes.  Because Elementor is so visual, clients can easily jump into the editor and do some cool things themselves.

The Elementor community is growing, there is a really active FaceBook page and a few custom plugins popping up on wordpress.com.  You can also use the #MadeInElementor tag to get more exposure online.

If you would like to know more about Elementor head over to their home page and check out the blog.

New Market Place Experiment – Creative Market – Selling Photoshop files

We have recently branched out into a new market place called Creative Market to sell our Photoshop graphics. We are looking forward to exploring the potential of this new market and will report back with our experiences soon.  In the mean time check out our brand new files up for sale now.

We are selling watercolour artwork PNGs, full website design layouts in Photoshop and graphic snippets.  They are designed to be purchased by website designers needing to get a client project started for minimal cost.  

The Photoshop files are clean with well organised layers, all layer styles are still active (not flattened) so you can easily change colours and apply styles to your own images.

Elle Fashion Shop & Blog Website PSD

Elle – is a modern website design featuring shades of purple, pink, black and white. The design is a full screen layout with a side menu bar, large photos and geometric backgrounds.

This design is suited for photography, fashion, magazines, interior design, blogging, lifestyle or beauty websites. Grab this template today to get your website design off to a flying start.

6 Pages Included:

  • Home
  • About
  • Shop
  • Blog
  • Gallery
  • Contact

Refresh Women in Business Site PSD

Refresh – Women in business is a website design featuring rose gold/peach & grey colors. The design is clean and clear perfect for a corporate website with a feminine touch. There is a marble texture featured throughout the design and thin underlines.

There are 4 Pages included:

  • Home
  • Blog
  • Shop
  • Contact

All fonts, photos and textures are included, there is nothing else to buy. Enjoy this design.

This design is suited for photography, fashion, magazines, interior design, blogging, lifestyle or beauty websites. Grab this template today to get your website design off to a flying start.

Watercolor Leaves & Flowers

16 Hi-Res watercolor, multi-coloured leaves and flowers.

In tones of blue, aqua, green, purple and pink these water color graphics are a great addition to your print or web projects.

The graphics include: Berries, tendrils, ferns, tropical ginger, leaves, feathers and flowers.

All transparent PNG files scanned at 600 dpi.

Sweet Watercolor Birds

Sweet Watercolor Birds – is a collection of 5 birds with pink, green and blue colouring. They are isolated as transparent PNG files. They were hand-painted and scanned at 600dpi; they are suitable for print projects.

I have also included as a BONUS 3 floral branches, for your new feathered friends to perch on.

I hope you enjoy using these little birds in your projects.

Organic Grunge Website Template PSD

Organic Grunge is a Website template designed for a restaurant, cafe or music related website with a grunge edge. It features a black background and grunge textures. The circle logo and neon icons add a pop of colour to a dark design.

This file includes 8 photoshop files:

  • Home Page – A grunge theme for a modern cafe, band, or skate site
  • Shop – Product layout
  • Menu – A food menu layout
  • Blog layout – A list of articles
  • Blog Page – A full blog post
  • Bookings – A booking form
  • Events – A event timetable
  • Contact – Contact details and a map

A readme file detailing sources is included.

Sweet Shop PSD

Posy PSD

Wanderer PSD

Creative Market holds much potential for us as we have always just been an Envato Exclusive Author.  I look forward to letting you know how our sales go.

Free Watercolor Floral

This Free File of the Week is a Purple hand painted watercolor flower.  
The file is a high-res transparent PNG.


The hand drawn designs have been hand painted by our in-house artist. The artwork can be used for personal or commercial use as part of your branding on a website, business cards, stationary, online presence, emails and alike. The artwork can not be removed from the design to be sold separately as is. Contact us if you have any questions about use.

Like our style?

Check out more of our artwork, website designs and WordPress themes over in our portfolio.

2017 Watercolor WordPress Themes

Below are some of my favourite watercolour WordPress themes from 2017 so far.  These are WordPress themes that are available for download/purchase. The use of custom watercolor artwork in websites is really popular right now; it creates a strong website identity without relying on professional photography to carry the design.

The watercolor style themes are great for feminine websites, online creative shops, craft, photography, interior designers, home bloggers, fashion, florist, gardeners artists or anyone in the creative industry.


Foliage is a artistic, clean and modern design featuring hand-painted watercolor artwork in blue, aqua, teal and pink. This design would suit a home business blog, interior design, shop products like photography, wall prints, stationary and home made craft items.  


Verge has a curved header allowing for your logo to be large and centred on the page. It features large Monstera leaves that overlap the page edges, with pink leaves and tropical flowers and birds decorating the edges.


Tendril has 6 header options featuring green and blue graphics, plants, leaves, palms and curly ferns.  The menu is positioned at the top of the page, there are double borders featured throughout.


Leafy is a really cool and natural simplistic WordPress Blog Theme with a range of “Leafy” watercolor headers available, from light green blurry leaves, gum leaves, autumn leaves even palm leaves. Leafy theme is so pretty and the tapered blog layout is really unique, check it out.


The Home Creative theme design features 14 header designs; beautiful flower arrangements, gold details, stationary, home office, leaves and large flowers. Or add your own header graphic. Home theme targets the current gold and floral trend.

Summer Day & Night

Summer Blog is fresh, neat and tidy design with a splash of grunge and sharp lines. Available in both a white and black version this edgy and modern design will make your photos look great.

The header comes with 4 options, clouds, watercolour splashes, grungy lines and painted circles. Perfect for surfing, coastal, lifestyle, health and personal blogs.


Beautiful is one of my favourite designs, it features hand painted watercolour graphics in 6 colours.  The header options include brush strokes, clouds, large and small flowers.  

The main menu is a ribbon and the site is FULL of little painted floral details that make it really special.  We have created a bunch of borders for your own photos so they blend seamlessly into the website design.


Pastel Floral is a warm floral design featuring diagonal sections, wood and paper textures, decorated with flowers and plants. The design can be either a single page or multiple page website.  There is also a hint of retro theme with hexagons and copper tones.

There is a long home page design and inside short page layout.  The Pastel theme would suit personal blogs creative industries like florists, home made goods, photography, clothing, online portfolio, children, authors, and craft.

Well there you have it, 2017 is shaping up to be a great year for websites featuring real world art. There is a personal touch feeling when artistic graphics are used in a website.  This years trend is stepping away from bland stock photography and getting something really unique to display your products, services and blog.  

Talk to Us – We want your feedback

Let us know what type of themes/designs/content you would like to see from us in the future.  Traditionally I enjoy making graphic focused designs; but I would like to see what is in demand right now.

What would you like to see in our new themes?  How can we improve our current themes?

Your answers are anonymous if you choose.

The Watercolor HTML + PHP Bundle

Our best Themes have now been made into HTML Website Templates! They all feature a blog layout, shop layout and inside page designs. Our HTML Templates are artistic, clean and modern design featuring hand painted watercolor artwork.

These designs would suit a home business, interior design, shop products like photography, wall prints, stationary and home made craft items, jewellery, homewares, surfing, coastal, lifestyle, health and personal development, and designers looking for a feminine Website template.

All the graphics, fonts and photos are included, there is nothing else to buy!

We had a great time making these templates with some really creative hand drawn original art work. We hope you like this item.


  • 9 Multi-Page HTML Templates Included ( view here )
  • 20+ Design Variations
  • 530+ Static HTML Files
  • 530+ Dynamic PHP Files
  • 350+ Easy to access Image Assets
  • Photoshop files for each design.
  • Documentation ( view here )

9 Watercolor HTML Multipurpose Templates for JUST $20

Stop automatic WordPress plugin search as you type

This bad bit of JavaScript will stop the auto-search-as-you-type feature on the WordPress Plugins > Add New screen:

var e = jQuery._data( jQuery('.wp-filter-search')[0] , "events" ); delete(e.keyup); e.input2 = e.input; delete(e.input); jQuery('.wp-filter-search').keypress(function(e) { if(e.which == 13) { jQuery(this).trigger('input2'); } });

edit: Hey cool @srikat made a plugin out of it 🙂 https://github.com/srikat/Disable-Dynamic-Plugin-Install-Search

Yoast SEO really slow in WordPress backend Edit Page area

So Yoast SEO was running REALLY slow, like 2 minutes slow.

Turns out it renders page content via wp_ajax and then parses this content via javascript. This is very problematic if a certain shortcode renders lots of content on the frontend (in my case it was a job board/map search shortcode thing).

A quick fix is to just kill the shortcode parsing for Yoast with this code in functions.php

add_action( 'wp_ajax_wpseo_filter_shortcodes', function(){
   wp_die( wp_json_encode( array() ) );
}, 1 );