How to replace drives on unraid

After falling in love with unraid I wanted to improve my test install with new larger hard drives. I had 100GB of docker related files that I wanted to keep spread across 3 old data drives + 1 parity drive. In the below process I consolidate the 100GB into a single drive, install the new […]

100 free Modal Popup designs for WordPress

Exciting news!! The Envato Elements WordPress plugin now includes 100 completely free modal popup templates.  A preview of all the popups is available below. To get access to these popup designs (along with many more free Elementor page templates) please install the Envato Elements plugin from  While you’re waiting be sure to check out the full […]

Get the WordPress Custom CSS using PHP

WordPress Custom CSS (from the Customizer panel) is stored in a Custom Post Type in the wp_posts database table. A reference to the Post ID is stored in the current themes “theme_mod” option value. There’s a nice helper function called wp_get_custom_css_post to do this lookup and return the Post object: $custom_css_post = wp_get_custom_css_post(); $custom_css = $custom_css_post […]

New WordPress Plugin: Envato Affiliates

If you are an Envato Affiliate check out this new plugin: It will let you easily show Envato search results on your WordPress blog. Good for along the top of your search results page. (if you’re not an Envato Affiliate then you should be, details here)

Ocean WP Theme & Elementor

For the first time I have used a free WordPress theme with Elementor that wasn’t our own.  The theme is OceanWP, it is light weight and easy to customise, it’s the favourite choice of thousands of developers and hobby-users.   I was just looking for a clean and simple layout to use for a family members […]

Hosted PHP CRM

We have just launched UCM Hosted! A good portion of our Ultimate Client Manager customers were requesting a hosted service / SaaS version of this item. Well here it is! Head over to to get started with a 1 week free trial. Enjoy.