How to Find a Niche on the Envato Marketplaces

How can authors become successful by finding a niche on the Marketplaces? There are now almost 2,800 authors building themes on ThemeForest. By finding a niche, you can quickly move up on the sales chart, and get in front of the largest audience of active theme buyers on the planet. In this post, five Elite authors share their stories on how they found their niche.

What is your niche?

If we had to pick a niche it would be “children’s websites”. There are seven templates in the children’s secton on ThemeForest, and four of them are ours.

How did you find your niche?

We saw a trend appearing in the use of our early HTML templates. Most of our buyers were creating websites that had something to do with children. Parties, toy shops, day care centers and jumping castle hire websites were very popular. It was clear to see the need for more “children’s” templates on the ThemeForest Marketplace.

We were very lucky that our early ThemeForest templates (2009!) used rather basic CSS and HTML files. These were easy for even a beginner to modify with Dreamweaver. In turn, we saw many great changes to our templates, and this allowed the “children” niche to shine through.

We also found the unique children’s styled websites were easier to get approved on the Marketplace. This certainly helped us decide which direction to travel.

What were your initial challenges in finding a niche?

It took us quite some time to build a creative theme that could cater for all the buyers in and around our “children” target. Some themes didn’t perform as we expected, some were a little too targeted on the niche, and some were just plain horrible (and were deleted). Eventually the Child Care Creative theme was born, and this seemed to cover a nice broad spectrum centered around the children’s niche.

Were you unsuccessful in finding a previous niche?

We found it very hard (and still find it hard) to create business styled websites. After many rejections, we have simply given up on building anything that is “businessy”, and prefer to focus on the creative and graphical side of things. (These are a lot more fun to create too!)

What advice would you give to someone on how to find a niche?

Get feedback from your customers. Ask buyers to send you a preview of the “end product”. See what they are using your scripts and templates for. You could even keep a spreadsheet with a link to all the websites your buyers have shared with you so you can see any trends. You may find that people are using your templates for a niche that you didn’t even knew existed!

Did anyone help you find your niche?

Our buyers helped us find our niche early on. We received great feedback on our creative websites, and less positive feedback on our “standard” websites, so we knew which direction to head.

What’s next?

For the past year and a bit we have been spending time with a child of our own. We have three new WordPress themes that are still “under construction” (and have been for soooo long). Two of these themes are aimed towards the children’s niche, and the third is an attempt to fine tune a new secret niche that we’re still experimenting with. (Stay tuned!)

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