Free “Social Icons” plugin for WordPress

I ran into these great Social Icons the other day. They were created by Adam from Fairhead Creative.

These icons are all crisp SVG! (with a nice PNG fallback for older browsers)

[webicon icon=”aboutme”] [webicon icon=”adn”] [webicon icon=”android”] [webicon icon=”apple”] [webicon icon=”behance”] [webicon icon=”bitbucket”] [webicon icon=”blogger”] [webicon icon=”branch”] [webicon icon=”coderwall”] [webicon icon=”creativecloud”] [webicon icon=”dribbble”] [webicon icon=”dropbox”] [webicon icon=”evernote”] [webicon icon=”f500px”] [webicon icon=”facebook”] [webicon icon=”fairheadcreative”] [webicon icon=”flickr”] [webicon icon=”foursquare”] [webicon icon=”git”] [webicon icon=”github”] [webicon icon=”goodreads”] [webicon icon=”google”] [webicon icon=”googleplay”] [webicon icon=”googleplus”] [webicon icon=”hangouts”] [webicon icon=”html5″] [webicon icon=”icloud”] [webicon icon=”indiegogo”] [webicon icon=”instagram”] [webicon icon=”instapaper”] [webicon icon=”kickstarter”] [webicon icon=”klout”] [webicon icon=”lastfm”] [webicon icon=”linkedin”] [webicon icon=”mac”] [webicon icon=”mail”] [webicon icon=”medium”] [webicon icon=”mercurial”] [webicon icon=”mixi”] [webicon icon=”msn”] [webicon icon=”openid”] [webicon icon=”orkut”] [webicon icon=”picasa”] [webicon icon=”pinterest”] [webicon icon=”pocketapp”] [webicon icon=”potluck”] [webicon icon=”quora”] [webicon icon=”rdio”] [webicon icon=”reddit”] [webicon icon=”renren”] [webicon icon=”rss”] [webicon icon=”skitch”] [webicon icon=”skype”] [webicon icon=”soundcloud”] [webicon icon=”spotify”] [webicon icon=”stackoverflow”] [webicon icon=”stumbleupon”] [webicon icon=”svn”] [webicon icon=”tent”] [webicon icon=”tripadvisor”] [webicon icon=”tumblr”] [webicon icon=”twitter”] [webicon icon=”vimeo”] [webicon icon=”weibo”] [webicon icon=”windows”] [webicon icon=”wordpress”] [webicon icon=”xing”] [webicon icon=”yahoo”] [webicon icon=”yelp”] [webicon icon=”youtube”] [webicon icon=”youversion”] [webicon icon=”zerply”]


So I created a very basic WordPress plugin which allows you to use these icons.
It lets you:

  1. add icons to any page using a [[webicon icon=”facebook” link=”” size=”small”]] shortcode (see examples above)
  2. create a sidbear widget with icons in it (see screenshots below, and example on the left)


Example widget output from the settings above:



Available on github here: ( click download zip button on the right )

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