Free Remote Desktop Support

Here’s a free way to get basic single click remote desktop support for your customers….

Step 1: Setup your remote help server

Download and install UVNC on a Windows box.
Open comand prompt (Start > Run > type: cmd > OK)
To start your support server type:

 # cd c:/Program Files/UltraVNC
# vncviewer -listen 5510

(where 5510 is the port you want incoming support connections on)

you could probably use vncviewer on any os, as long as you specify the
-listen option. I haven’t tried it on linux yet, maybe one day, ill
post results here. 

Step 2: Setup port forwarding 

Forward port 5510 through to your local support pc, most routers support this through their web interface.

Step 3: Create remote desktop client

remote desktop client is the program your customer downloads onto their
computer. This program doesn’t require the user to install anything, it
is a standalone .exe that removes itself after execution. Basically all
the program does is execute vncserver –connect your_office_ip and then
closes down after running.

Full instructions on creating the UVNC single click client are located here:

download their template zip file, modify the settings file, modify the
logo/icons if you want, and then upload the new zip file to here
You dont need to use encryption or create a key (make sure you remove the key file from your zip)

You will end up with an exe that clients can download and “run” on their computer.

Sample helpdesk.txt file to be used in the zip (make sure you set the correct ip address):

BlueTeddy Support
BlueTeddy Office
-connect -noregistry
Please wait while we connect to Remote Support...
If this does not work
please call BlueTeddy on (07) 55 123 456
BlueTeddy PC Support
More Info
Establishing connection ...
Connecting to BlueTeddy PC Support
If it fails, please contact us by phone.
Connection active.
BlueTeddy Support Connected.
You can close the connection any time
by using the EXIT button

Have tested the remote desktop client on both Vista and XP, works fine.

Step 4: Publish single click .exe file with some instructions on your website, direct clients there to perform remote support.


Hope someone finds this useful.


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