Elementor Page Builder

Live Page Builder For WordPress

Elementor is fast becoming a popular page builder for designers.  And not just because it’s free!

“With 653,011 Downloads, the word is out that Elementor is your best choice of page builder.” – elementor.com

As a designer who spends more time in Photoshop than coding I’ll talk about why I think Elementor is great.  First I love how visual Elementor is.  You edit in real time, no swapping screens and there’s even a quick preview (ctrl + P)  inside the editor, you don’t need to reload the browser to see your padding rendered.

I can build what I have designed in Photoshop without touching any CSS code. The font & padding controls are detailed enough to enable me to build my layouts. The columns are so easy and using the FontAwesome icons I can make some pretty quick lists; and before to long your content is done.

There is a library of widgets ready to help you build your site, there are more being added all the time; from columns, images and buttons to photo galleries, counters and testimonial widgets.

Elementor PRO brings even more to the package; advanced WooCommerce intergration, pricing tables, portfolios flip boxes and forms. It’s worth the upgrade, trust me.

“HTML took ages, WordPress took days, Elementor takes hours. Deliver complete websites to clients faster than ever.” – elementor.com

Speaking of clients, this is the big one… your clients need to be able to do more than simple text changes.  Because Elementor is so visual, clients can easily jump into the editor and do some cool things themselves.

The Elementor community is growing, there is a really active FaceBook page and a few custom plugins popping up on wordpress.com.  You can also use the #MadeInElementor tag to get more exposure online.

If you would like to know more about Elementor head over to their home page and check out the blog.

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