Creating a WordPress theme installation wizard / theme onboarding

When the popular WooCommerce plugin is first installed, the end user is presented with a lovely onboarding wizard helping with initial setup and showing links to further resources.

I have adapted this to a WordPress theme, here’s the video showing the installation wizard after theme activation:

This wizard will help with the following items:

  • Default plugin installation and activation ( handled by TGMPA behind the scenes )
  • Default content installation ( process standard XML wordpress import files, set menu locations, add default widgets, other custom options )
  • Setup automatic theme updates ( using oAuth with the Envato Market plugin )
  • Show the user some support and documentation resources
  • A final success page with links to further resources ( rating a theme, follow on twitter, etc.. )

The code is available here on github:

There’s some more info on the forums here:

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