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SupportHub launched in beta

I’ve launched SupportHub ! This is a free WordPress plugin that hopes to help you manage support. It will pull in Support TIckets from various networks ( email, twitter, envato, facebook, ucm ) and show them all in one place. If it finds a similar question from the same person via different networks ( e.g. a tweet […]

Create your own WordPress TinyMCE view and shortcode popup editor

Here is the code: This code converts a plain WordPress shortcode (like below:) .into a nice custom MCE view that matches the frontend (like below) .and lets you click on it ( same as wordpress galleries ): and click the edit button to change shortcode params: it also adds a button so you can easily create […]

Change the default WordPress gallery MCE view

The default WordPress gallery MCE view is from media-template.php and looks like this: <script type=”text/html” id=”tmpl-editor-gallery”> <# if ( data.attachments ) { #> <div class=”gallery gallery-columns-{{ data.columns }}”> <# _.each( data.attachments, function( attachment, index ) { #> <dl class=”gallery-item”> <dt class=”gallery-icon”> <# if ( attachment.thumbnail ) { #> <img src=”{{ attachment.thumbnail.url }}” width=”{{ attachment.thumbnail.width }}” height=”{{ […]

Free “Social Icons” plugin for WordPress

I ran into these great Social Icons the other day. They were created by Adam from Fairhead Creative. These icons are all crisp SVG! (with a nice PNG fallback for older browsers) [webicon icon=”aboutme”] [webicon icon=”adn”] [webicon icon=”android”] [webicon icon=”apple”] [webicon icon=”behance”] [webicon icon=”bitbucket”] [webicon icon=”blogger”] [webicon icon=”branch”] [webicon icon=”coderwall”] [webicon icon=”creativecloud”] [webicon icon=”dribbble”] [webicon icon=”dropbox”] […]