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Oracle Joins Across Multiple Servers

You can create a link as: CREATE PUBLIC DATABASE LINK “OtherDB” CONNECT TO “UserName” IDENTIFIED by “Password” USING ‘SID’SELECT * FROM “OtherSchema”.”TableName”@”OtherDB”; or CREATE SYNONYM “otherTableName” FOR “OtherSchema”.”TableName”@”OtherDB” SELECT * FROM “otherTableName” ( it’s easier to do this via the oracle enterprise manager http://192.168.X.X:1158/em Administration > Schema ) You need to establish the link as […]

Hide .svn files on a samba share

Found myself in a situation where I was editing and uploading some files through Dreamweaver on a windows box. The files were accessed via a mounted samba share on a debian server. Didn’t want dreamweaver to see all the .svn directories and files under them (so uploading a folder from dreamweaver would skip uploading the […]

Free Remote Desktop Support

Here’s a free way to get basic single click remote desktop support for your customers…. Step 1: Setup your remote help server Download and install UVNC on a Windows box. Open comand prompt (Start > Run > type: cmd > OK)To start your support server type:  # cd c:/Program Files/UltraVNC # vncviewer -listen 5510 (where […]