Category: Linux

ffmpeg: Width or Height not divisible by 2

If you’re trying to shrink a video by half along the lines of this, you may encounter an error about “width not divisible by 2” during processing, or you just might get an empty mp4 file: The problem happens when you get interesting video dimensions, such as a vertical video that might be 1080 wide […]

Linux: Monitor what is using your webcam

If your curious what programs are attempting to read your Linux webcam then it’s possible to use the auditctl and ausearch tools to see what process is using the webcam. First install the auditd package: sudo apt-get install auditd Then run auditctl to start monitoring the /dev/video0 device for access: sudo /sbin/auditctl -w /dev/video0 -p […]

Fix “orphan image” in unraid docker

This can happen if you’re manually messing around with the location of docker configuration files on the hard drives. If the orphan image is from a Community Applications installed docker image, simply follow these steps: Go to the App menu Choose Previous Apps on the left hand side Click the reinstall icon on the app […]

How to replace drives on unraid

After falling in love with unraid I wanted to improve my test install with new larger hard drives. I had 100GB of docker related files that I wanted to keep spread across 3 old data drives + 1 parity drive. In the below process I consolidate the 100GB into a single drive, install the new […]