Adding extra fields to an existing Elementor widget

Following on from creating your own Elementor widgets it is possible to add extra fields to existing widgets.

Again there are no hooks or filters for this, we’ll be interacting with the Elementor class directly.

Pretty easy.


Thanks for your reply Dave but it change nothings in my edit image box. I can’t see the custom “select” drop down . I get a quick warning saying that it miss args 2 and 3 in the add_action(‘elementor/element/before_section_end’, function($section, $section_id, $args) line. the warning lasts less than a second before disappering


I think I added a comment to a different post. I see how I can add extra fields to an existing widget, however, with the example of the Image widget, how do I use a select control similar to the image widget, where when I select a specific field, it will reference the image attachment’s meta field?