6 thoughts on “Adding extra fields to an existing Elementor widget

    1. dtbaker Post author

      Yep I have to update this example to work with the latest version of Elementor. Stay tuned. I’ll probably tweet about it @dtbaker if you want to watch for it.

  1. Seth

    Thanks for your reply Dave but it change nothings in my edit image box. I can’t see the custom “select” drop down . I get a quick warning saying that it miss args 2 and 3 in the add_action(‘elementor/element/before_section_end’, function($section, $section_id, $args) line. the warning lasts less than a second before disappering

  2. Tanner

    I think I added a comment to a different post. I see how I can add extra fields to an existing widget, however, with the example of the Image widget, how do I use a select control similar to the image widget, where when I select a specific field, it will reference the image attachment’s meta field?


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