UCM: Feb software updates + Change Request BETA plugin

Date: 10/02/2013

Hello everybody,

Just a quick email to let you know the "Change Request" feature has been rolled out to Pro users. It is available for installation through the Settings > Upgrade menu.

Change Request lets your customers request changes on their websites. These changes come through to the UCM system and you can bill for these changes. You can restrict the customer to a certain number of change requests per week/month if they are on a website maintenance package. 

Here is a video showing it in action: http://www.screenr.com/6EJ8 

This new "Change Request" feature is still BETA while we iron out all the bugs. It would be wonderful if you could test this plugin and let me know if you have any problems or suggestions ( send in a support ticket: http://ultimateclientmanager.com/support-ticket.html )

Here are some other recent UCM changes:

  • Ability to search through invoices based on Customer Group
  • Extra Fields: new menu option under Settings > Extra Fields. Some Extra Fields can now be displayed in the overall listing (Customer, Website, Job, Tickets and Finance). Create an extra field as per normal. If you want this field to display in the main listing then simply go to Settings > Extra Fields and change the visibility to "Public In Column"
  • Job Discussions: if you have a different staff member assigned to the job and to the task you will get the option to email them both
  • Speed Improvements for those with large databases (eg: more than 500 clients)
  • New Plugin: CHANGE REQUEST! epic