New UCM features: Products, Upload alerts and more

Date: 29/01/2013

Hey everyone,
Here are some rather large new updates that have just gone out.
Update your system from "Settings > Update" to receive these faetures and fixes.
As always if you have suggestions or problems please send in a support ticket and we can assist ASAP: http://ultimateclientmanager.com/support-ticket.html
  • New Feature: Job Products! Create products in Settings > Products then assign those products to Jobs (use the new drop down arrow on job task box). Beta, will improve as time goes on. Hopefully this saves some time adding products to jobs. This feature will come to invoices soon as well.
  • New Feature: File Upload / Comment Alerts! when a file is uploaded an email is sent to staff. When a comment is added to a file an email is sent to staff. Dashboard alerts will also appear. Dashboard alerts will disapear after the file is viewed. Look for the new "Receive File Upload Alerts" and "Receive File Comment Alerts" tick boxes under User Roles to choose which staff will receive notifications.
  • Some bug fixes in mobile layout - new version of jQuery and jQuery mobile.
  • New Feature: Public invoice notes: place the new {INVOICE_NOTES} shortcode into the invoice template. Go to an invoice and add a note (as normal) but also tick the new "public" checkbox. This note will display in the invoice where the {INVOICE_NOTES} shortcode is placed. 
  • New Feature: Multiple invoice print PDF templates: Create a copy of the "invoice_print" template called "invoice_print_SOMETHING" and this template selection will appear in the "advanced" area of invoice page. So you can swap between different invoice templates depending on customer etc.. The default PDF print template can be controlled with the 'invoice_template_print_default' advanced configuration field (defaults to invoice_print)
  • New Feature: Support for basic arithmatic in all template date fields. eg: {DATE_DUE-3d} or {DATE_CREATE+1m} or {DATE_CREATE+1y} or combined like {DATE_CREATE+1d+2m+1y}