January UCM Updates availalbe

Date: 25/01/2013

Happy new year everybody!

Here are some updates and fixes we worked on over the new year holiday break:

  • Files: you can now upload a file OR specify a file URL. Great if you're linking to dropbox or other remote files from this system.
  • Job Deposits: you can now take deposits for jobs much easier. Look at the bottom left of the Job page for the new deposit feature. Deposits are subtracted from any final invoices that are sent to the customer.
  • Job Expenses: it is now possible to link finance items (income and expenses) to customer jobs. This will allow you to track external expenses against individual jobs. Later on this will be included in job reports to work out overall job profits when there are separate expenses involved. This new feature is at the bottom of the job page.
  • Bug fix: upcoming finance page no longer shows duplicate entries for subscription renewals and subscription invoices
  • Bug fix: moving a custom contact to a new customer from a support ticket works better now.
Lots of new features and tweaks planned this year. Will update you more in the Feb newsletter! 
If UCM has made/saved you time & money please feel free to donate by purchasing an additional license: http://codecanyon.net/item/ultimate-client-manager-pro-edition/2621629