UCM: December updates available

Date: 05/12/2012

Hi everyone, here's another quick email outlining some of the recent UCM Pro and UCM Lite software updates that became available over the past month. http://UltimateClientManager.com

Remember to check for your free ongoing updates regularility from the Settings > Upgrade menu. 

  • Newsletter: link click tracking - view which links were clicked on newsletters.
  • Jobs: Incrementing job names. Similar to incrementing invoice numbers. Set the advanced "job_name_incrementing" setting to 1.
  • Invoice: total is now displayed on job listings page
  • Invoice: Option to set the "invoice name" to match the job name in which the invoice was generated from (set advanced "invoice_name_match_job" to 1)
  • Invoice: items now have "long description" similar to how "job tasks" work. You can hide these from invoices setting the "invoice_show_long_desc" option to 0
  • FAQ: Brand New Big Feature!!! FAQ for Support Tickets. This is only availalbe for UCM Pro users. This allows you to setup a list of common Products, add common Questions/Answers for these products. When a user is submitting a support ticket they can select their product. Once a product is selected it will show the list of FAQs. The user may be able to solve their problem from this before sending in a support ticket. You also have a new "Product" drop down appearing in the Support Ticket page with a little FAQ button next to it for quick access. This allows you to create FAQ entreies as you are replying to support tickets. Handy! 
    See an example of the FAQ database here: example 1 - and another example by selecting a product from the drop down box in our support ticket page: example 2
  • Jobs: New Feature in jobs - ability to email staff a copy of their assigned tasks from a particular job. See the new button on the left under advanced. 
  • Jobs: New permission change: if a staff member does not have "view" Invoice permission then all job prices and task prices will be hidden from view.
  • Jobs: Job Discussion: bug fix for IE users.
  • Dashboard: New dashboard layout: grouped items! 
  • Jobs: Task: bug fix to import tasks from CSV file
  • Tickets: bug fix so support emails with empty subjects are still collected
  • Forms: some elements may highlight green when changed, so you can see which items have been changed on the page before saving.
  • jQuery: Latest jQuery version loaded up
  • Finance: button "Save and Next" to help record upcoming recurring transactions (if you have a lot of them to process)
  • Email: ability to attach mutliple additional files to Job/Invoice/etc.. emails 
  • Templates: editor - will now show list of available template tags that can be used.
  • Reports: New report: Finance > Subscriber Summary
  • Plus lots of other little tweaks and fixes.
Here's what we're working on next:
  • New Plugin almost ready: Change Request for Web Designers - this one will be amazing!  (ALMOST DONE!)
  • A feature to handle job deposits (ALMOST DONE!)
  • New Feature: Customer Signup Form (ALMOST DONE!)
  • Better handling of customer credits (ALMOST DONE!)
  • A firefox and google chrome browser extension that will blow your mind.
  • Newsletter campaigns and automated newsletter sending
If you are feeling nice and would like to help fund future updates like these please feel free to purchase another copy of the licence - every little bit helps! Thanks for your support (and a big thanks for everyone who donated or purchased a second copy of the licence last month).