November Software Updates Available

Date: 10/11/2012

Just a quick email outlining some of the recent UCM Pro and UCM Lite software updates that are now available.

Thanks for all the support and lovely comments about this software that we have been receiving on twitter, email and on the item comment pages. Keep telling your friends about UCM :) UltimateClientManager.com 

  • New feature: email quota. Limit the number of emails the system can send per day, hour or minute. See Settings > Email for details. 
  • New feature: see Finance > Job Report for a new report 
  • New feature: see Finance > Staff Report for a new report
  • New feature: emailing jobs direct to customers (great for pre-approval!) - see the link on the left in the job
  • New feature: the date of individual tasks now appears within invoices
  • New feature: invoices now support negative line items
  • New feature: subscriptions now support "customers" instead of just members. see the new area on the customer edit screen. this offers another method of generating recurring invoices for a particular service (eg: website hosting) instead of just setting a renewal date on an invoice
  • New feature: if you go to Finance > Upcoming Payments it will show when upcoming subscription payments (from members and customers) are due. This will help with forcasting and budgetting. 
  • New feature: importing websites from csv now shows a preview of what will happen before proceeding (eg: replace existing website, create new website, create new customer for website).
  • New feature: incrementing invoice numbers. go to settings > advanced. change "invoice_incrementing" to 1, generate an invoice, go back to settings > advanced. change the new "invoice_incrementing_next" field to 10001 or whatever. 
  • New feature: quick searching works based on total invoice amount. This makes it easier to find an invoice and mark it as paid (eg: you see a $15.95 payment in your bank, you quick search for "15.95" and the invoice appears. Click it and mark the payment off! easy!)
  • New feature: quick searching also works on amounts in payment histories
  • Improvement: importing customers can now select password of user from csv file
  • Improvement: layout of ticket messages screen 
  • Improvement: importing large csv files (eg: customers) is better
  • Bug fix: searching based on customer contact last name now works.
  • Bug fix: captcha on login now works better on ssl hosted installations
  • Bug fix: discount is removed on duplicated invoices
  • Bug fix: newsletter menu correctly highlights on edit
  • Bug fix: customer can no longer upload a logo if they do not have edit permissions on customer page
  • I'm sure there have been some more - cannot remember! Very busy at the moment with our new baby so thanks to everyone for their patience on feature requests and support tickets.
For UCM support please submit a support ticket here: http://ultimateclientmanager.com/support-ticket.html 
If you wish to further help the development of this wonderful system please purchase an additional licence from CodeCanyon.
You can update your UCM installation by going to Settings > Upgrade. If you notice a problem after upgrading please submit a support ticket (see bottom) instead of replying to this email.
$$$ You can now advertise UCM to your friends and make money each time a sale is made, more information on the affiliate page: click here or submit a support ticket for details.
Please do not reply to this email, it will go nowhere. 

Thanks heaps!