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How to translate UCM into your own language

NEW! Try the online Google Translator to help generate a language file for you.

  1. Go here: http://ultimateclientmanager.com/files/translator.php
  2. Select your language from the drop down box at the top.
  3. Wait for the entire page to translate (may take some time)
  4. Click the download button
  5. Save the resulting page as XX.php (where XX is your language code: en.php, gb.php, nl.php)
  6. Upload this file via FTP to this special folder: includes/plugin_language/custom/
  7. go to Settings > Advanced and look for "default_language" - change this from 'en' to the language code of your file (eg: en, gb, nl)

OLD method, manual translation:

Translations are handled by "language files". A language file is very simple, it is just a long list of translation entries that look like this:

  "english word" => "translated word",
 "english word" => "translated word",
 "english word" => "translated word",

Download the sample language file from this link: http://ultimateclientmanager.com/files/language.php 

Save this file to your computer as COUNTRY_CODE.php. Example: en.php, fr.php, es.php or ae.php.

Open this file using a text editor and place your language translations into the empty ' ' areas within this file.

Once you are done, upload this file via FTP to this special folder: includes/plugin_language/custom/.

Then login to your UCM and go to the user settings page, there will be a drop down where you can select the language to user. Different users can have different languages. To change the overall system default language please go to Settings > Advanced and look for "default_language" - change this from 'en' to your language code of choice (eg: fr, es, ae, etc..)

Please send a support ticket if you have troubles.

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