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How to create your own Module/Plugin

This is an advanced task. Moderate PHP knowledge is a must.

The easiest way to create a new module is to duplicate an existing one.

1) Copy /includes/plugin_customer/ to a new folder like /includes/plugin_mine/
2) rename all files inside this folder from "customer" to "mine".
3) do a find/replace inside these files for "customer" to "mine", "Customer" to "Mine" and "CUSTOMER" to "MINE" (or do a preserve-case find/replace if your editor supports that).
4) Go to settings > upgrade and click "run manual upgrade". This will install the "mine" plugin by executing the SQL located in the "get_install_sql()" method towards the bottom of "mine.php".
5) You should now have a complete copy of the "Customer" plugin called "Mine".

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