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Ultimate Client Manager
March Newsletter Update
Jobs: manual percent
There is now an option to set the job completed percentage manually. See the bottom left area of the jobs page under Advanced. 
Newsletter: faster images
Images will now load faster in your newsletters. We've made some improvements which reduce the load on the server when displaying newsletter images. Hopefully we can roll these improvements out to other areas of the system as well. 
Calling for "Showcase" submissions!
We are about to release a new "Showcase" section on the Ultimate Client Manager website. If you have something cool to share that is UCM related please get in touch asap! We are after:
  • Screenshots of any custom UCM themes or funky CSS tweaks
  • Any custom templates (quotes, receipts, invoices, jobs, emails, etc..) that you would like to share
  • Details of any handy tweaks or custom plugins you have created 
  • Examples of how you integrated your existing systems with UCM
  • Language translation files
We will publish some showcase highlights in a coming newsletter. 
Stripe Payments
Subscription Credit
Stripe: Recurring Payments
Stripe now supports recurring payments (just like PayPal). To enable this please go to Settings > Payments > Stripe and follow the instructions.
If you notice any issues with this new feature please get in touch and we can sort it out asap.  
Subscriptions as Credit
Now you can use subscription payments as "Credit". This credit can be used to pay for invoices. Example:
Customer signs up for "Web Support" package at $20 per month. After 4 months they will have $80 in available credit. If they then request $90 worth of web changes you can use the $80 credit and send them an invoice for the remaining $10.
UCM theme preview
New Theme in the Works...

We have been working on a new UCM theme in conjunction with popular ThemeForest author displayinline 

It's coming along nicely and should be available soon.




Other Recent Changes:
  • In Stripe settings you can enter a comma separated list of currencies this payment method supports. Great if you want to use Stripe for certain currencies but not others.
  • quote email/pdf: print link template tag fixed
  • forgot password: now working again for customer contact accounts
  • invoice: shows offline payment details in main invoice page (rather than just print out)
  • Credit is returned to a customer if it is deleted from an invoice payment.
  • {AUTO_LOGIN_LINK} added to many of the email templates. You can use this template tag to provide your customers with an easy way to access their invoices. 
  • added {RECEIPT_DETAILS} to invoice payment receipt template
  • hide the "job hours summary" area for non-hourly jobs
  • Tickets: show previous (hidden) messages now via ajax (instead of full page reload)
  • Tickets: advanced ticket_turn_around_rate_show option, the turn around days will be shown on the ticket submit page.
  • Tickets: ticket_ordering - latest_message_first advanced option added
  • Tickets: fix for converting a contact into a customer
  • Tickets: fix to show correct email when ticket_from_creators_email is 0
  • Tickets: ticket_messages_in_reverse advanced option added
  • Newsletter: default content box in template editor
  • Quotes/Jobs/Invoices: various bug fixes
  • number_trim_decimals advanced option added (changes 123.10 to 123.1 and 123.00 to just 123 in some places)
  • Many more, listed here: 
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