New Support Forum, Translations, Customer Emails and Ticket  HTML

Date: 22/03/2013

Hello everybody!

UCM Translations:

I would like to thank Amar Bou for providing an excellent French translation of UCM. This translation is now available in the latest update. If you wish to use the French translation please select "fr" from the language drop down in your user preference.

If you would like to translate UCM into your own language please see the new "Google Translator Assistant" by clicking here. This will attempt to translate UCM into your own language automatically. You can then download the translation file and make fine tune adjustments to some of the words (it's not perfect, but better than translating each word individually!)

Do you have a UCM translation that you would like to share with others? Please send it through and we can include it in the next update! 

Support Forum:

Lots of people have asked for a Support Forum, well here it is! http://ultimateclientmanager.com/forums/ 

Please feel free to post your feature requests or questions over here. It would be amazing if you could help answer other peoples questions as well :) 

Customer Email Feature:

It is now possible to send emails directly to the customer from UCM. Just open up a customer, look for the new "Emails" tab and click "Send New Email". 
You can create templates (Settings>Templates) named email_template_*   (eg: email_template_default, email_template_promo) and these will appear in a drop down list when sending an email.
If you have feature suggestions for this new email function please post them in the forum here: http://ultimateclientmanager.com/forum/feature-requests/ 

The email tab will also show a history of all emails sent to the customer (eg: invoice emails, overdue reminders, etc..)

Ticket HTML Improvements:

The ticketing system just got a big HTML improvement! HTML emails will now come through correctly formatted as they were sent. 
There is also a new WYSIWYG editor when replying to tickets.
To turn these features off and revert to the old "plain text" ticket method please change advanced setting "ticket_create_wysiwyg" to 0 and "ticket_message_text_or_html" from html to text .