UCM Pro new feature: Task Timers

Date: 26/02/2013

Hello everybody,

A quick email about a brand new feature available in UCM Pro called Task Timers. 
Online demo is available by clicking here. Open a job and create a task to see!

This update adds a new timer icon next to every incomplete task within jobs. Clicking this icon will start or pause a timer. When you click "finish" it will copy the time into the "logged hours" box ready for you to save and complete the task as normal. 


Here is a picture showing a timer counting against a task:

Job task timer screenshot


When hovering over the timer you get additional options of pause/resume, delete and finish:

job timer options

Active timers will display on any page of the system, so you can quickly jump to the currently timed job from anywhere:

list of all active timers


Note: to disable the timer feature completely, please go to Settings > Advanced and change timer_enabled from 1 to 0
At this stage timers are stored in cookies, if you move to another computer or logout the current timer may be lost.  

As always, let me know if you experience any issues or have any feature requests with this brand new plugin: http://ultimateclientmanager.com/support-ticket.html